Sunday, July 31, 2011

Exclusive bCharmed Stylist Key and Chain!

Exclusive Stylist Key and Chain that EVERY New Stylist receives in their Starter Kit!

bCharmed Jewelry is a BRAND NEW Ground Floor Opportunity! We are signing up new Stylists in both the U.S and in Canada! What a GREAT way to be able to start a new business! Start now and gear up for what is sure to be an INCREDIBLE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!!! Visit my site at for more details! To JOIN, visit!

Friday, July 29, 2011

bCharmed is Accepting Canadian Stylists!

bCharmed is open for business in Canada! We have many Stylists already signed up in Canada! This is a great ground floor opportunity for Canadians!

Contact me today to join or I can connect you with someone in your local area! 614-656-1555

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Benefits of a Direct Sales Home Party Plan Ground Floor Opportunity! Is it for you?

Imagine being in Avon or Mary Kay years ago when they first launched! How about Tupperware or more recently Scentsy or Thirty One Gifts? Imagine where you'd be today had you started with any of these companies when they first launched!!!

Ground Floor Opportunities do NOT come around very often and when they do, some people are afraid to take the chance and join with them! Why? because there is always the risk that the company will not succeed! Of course there is that risk with ANY company nowadays, but many people just don't see or understand how beneficial it can be to be one of the first Consultants in a Home Party Plan Direct Sales Company.

It may seem safer to join an already established company. Sure....there is a bit of security knowing they have already worked out the kinks, but in building your business, you are then immediately in competition with EVERY OTHER rep in that company! When you join a ground floor opportunity, there is NO competition! NONE AT ALL!!!! The benefits to this are that it is easier to build a Team of people and eventually benefit from exponential growth that will ultimately occur!

Why do some people that join ground floor opportunities still do not succeed? Because they get hung up on the little things. They forget that not everything will be perfect at first. Product lines will change and evolve as the company becomes more established. Policies and Procedures may get tweeked. You see, the company relies on the initial group of Consultants to sort of "test the waters", if you will. The company looks for and expects the Consulatnts to come back and tell them what they think works and what doesn't work.......then they will tweek and change things accordingly! But many people want everything to be PERFECT right from the beginning and you will just not get that during the launch of a new company! But if you can stick it out.......if you can see the big picture and GROW WITH the company, the end result will be a very large monthly income!

Here are my suggestions if you are considering joining a ground floor opportunity. 1.) Work your business and stay FOCUSED!
2.) Don't expect immediate results!
3.) Be consistent and do something EVERY DAY to build your business!
4.) Set short AND long term goals so that you can visualy see the progression of your efforts over time!
5.) Share the opportunity every day! Focus on building a Team and work toward creating exponential growth!
6.) Be a Team player! Work WITH the company instead of complaining about things that arent perfect! If you have a complaint, be CERTAIN you ALSO have a SOLUTION!!!
7.) Stay POSITIVE! Even when things don't go well. over time, things will smooth out, they will become more streamlined and you WILL become a success!!!!!

Ground Floor Opportunites aren't for everyone........but it CAN be for you!!!!!

Beth Graves
Independent bCharmedStylist

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

bCharmed Conference Call July 14th, 2011!

Don't miss our next bCharmed Conference Call July 14th, 2011!

7pm MST
8pm CST
9pm EST

760-569-7676 Pin: 657150#

Sunday, July 10, 2011

bCharmed Bracelets Spring/Summer Catalog 2011

bCharmed Bracelets Spring/Summer Catalog 2011.

Beth Graves - Independent Stylist

Book a bCharmed Show and earn the products you love for FREE!!! Ask me how!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Few bCharmed Pictures from My Kit! Enjoy!

Just a few pictures from my bCharmed Kit! The jewelry is BEAUTIFUL, fun and AFFORDABLE!!! Check it out at!

Beth Graves
Independent bCharmed Stylist

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The bCharmed Spring - Summer Catalog! Download it HERE!


For more information about bCharmed,
please visit or
contact Beth Graves at 614-656-1555.

bCharmed Online Sign Ups Now Available for New Stylists!

You can now sign up ONLINE to become a new bCharmed Stylist!!!!

Just go to and click on the JOIN button in the upper right hand corner! It takes just a minute to sign up!

You will then have the opportunity to actually pick out the items you would like to have in your kit! NO pre-made kits here! You can individualize it with the products that YOU love!

Join TODAY and get your bCharmed Business going NOW! Its the perfect time (summer) to set yourself up for a very successful and profitable Holiday Season!!!

Only $199 to Join!!!