Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Charmpreneurs - bCharmed Team Website with Executive Director Beth Graves

The Charmpreneurs started in the Fall of 2011 as the fastest growing Team in BCharmed! Led by the first Executive Director in BCharmed, Beth Graves, as of December 2011 the Team has grown to over 150 members in just a few short months!

Where did the name “Charmpreneurs” come from? Beth wanted a name that was fun, yet still affiliated with the BCharmed name, but gave the impression that in the midst of all the fun we have in this business, we are still a group of women who are very serious about building our businesses! Our Team has already promoted many Directors and we look forward to creating many more!

We are strong, motivated women with an entrepreneurial spirit, Teamed up with an amazing new company that has already inspired us all in a very short period of time!

Together, we are the “Charmpreneurs”!

If you are interested in joining our Team, please contact us at and we will connect you with a Leader in your area! You can also go directly to to join!